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The Ordinary Vitamin C – The ultima...

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering around The Ordinary isle in some shop, desperately trying to figure out the extensive Vitamin C products and which one might be the right for you, hopefully, your search ends here. Vitamin C is such an amazing ingredient to add into your daily routine, mainly due to one important […]

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Jade roller magic – how does it wor...

Jade roller. This week I thought we should stray a little away from the usual path of skincare ingredients and shed a little light on a tool that has been quite popular lately: The Jade Roller. Although the jade roller became popular not so long ago, it’s history is deeply rooted in Chinese Culture and […]

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Azelaic Acid – how and when can be ...

Azelaic acid is an organic component naturally found in grains like rye, wheat, and barley, and one that can become your favorite remarkably fast. Although it seems like scientists are still trying to figure out how exactly this ingredient works, it’s commonly believed that it blocks the production of proteins necessary for the survival of […]

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Retinol 101 – what is it and how to...

Retinol is a fabulous ingredient known and loved by consumers who seek youthful skin and occasionally declare war against fine lines and wrinkles. Also known as Vitamin A, Retinol can not only help prevent and somewhat diminish signs of aging but also speed up the healing process of dark spots.   It all sounds dandy […]

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Normal skin – routine and minor imp...

If you are the lucky owner of a normal skin type that does not give you too much of a headache besides the occasional pimple and some excess sebum, the chances are high that you are experiencing this due to a lack of a basic routine. Same goes for blackheads and whiteheads: without a proper […]

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Fall capsule wardrobe: 10 items that neve...

Capsule wardrobe: 10 must-have items for fall/winter that never go out of style. When it comes to fall fashion there sure are plenty of trends to follow each year, but I feel like this habit gets quite expensive during the colder months. I was strolling around the mall a couple of days ago and I […]

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Cannabis oil or CBD in Skincare

Cannabis in skincare. What a time to be alive! Here to report on the newest and hottest topics in skincare, even I was taken a little bit by surprise by this new magical ingredient you will soon find in your beauty products. As it turns out, cannabis oil or cannabidiol has a bunch of antioxidant […]

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I’ve received over the last couple of months a lot of messages regarding The Ordinary so I feel like this subject is in need of some extensive follow-up. I can’t tell you enough how happy I am that so many people are interested in this type of skincare products so in the next few posts […]

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Fashion trends for fall 2019

Fall Fashion 2019. Believe it or not, summer is almost over. August will sweep us away faster than we can imagine and the first signs of fall will knock on our windows fairly soon. Europe is hotter than it’s ever been these days so the rainy, cold weather still seems far, far away but what’s […]

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