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From Hawaii with Love – best sights...

The end of last year caught us off guard and with about 2 weeks before Christmas we were panicking about not having any plans. Fortunately, after some serious detective work on the internet, we managed to find some available flights and a hotel room in Hawaii for the holidays. Thinking back now, I guess this […]

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Best eye creams for every pocket

By now we talked quite a lot about several skin issues that we deal with on a daily basis and what are the best practices and products to deal with them. Today I want to open the discussion for eye care because I believe it’s not talked about enough. Specifically, the skin around your eyes […]

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Jennifer Lopez – get the look in 6 ...

Scott Barnes joined Tati Westbrook on Youtube recently and uncovered all the tricks behind the famous Jennifer Lopez Glow. If you haven’t seen it already, you have to give it a go. Scott Barnes is an amazing Makeup Artist and his muse is always looking flawless. While watching the video I  was wondering how to […]

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What is Matcha? The drink of 2019 and all...

This form of beverage is getting a lot of buzz lately. Coffee lovers are ditching arabica for matcha, plus every supermodel is walking around with a cup of this green potion. I guess the real question here is: is matcha just a new trend or are there real health benefits associated with drinking it? Matcha […]

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Summer makeup essentials: The best from d...

Hello there, beauties! Summer is officially here which means it’s time to switch our full coverage foundation for a lighter one. Yep, you heard it right! During summer we should change our beauty regime as we do with our wardrobe. As days become hotter, switching our makeup essentials is very important, like for example choosing […]

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Nootropics – the smart drugs

Hello, gorgeous! On the market for some high-performance drugs? Known on the streets as smart drugs, doctors are claiming that they can boost your focus, learning abilities, memory, and overall cognitive functions, but do they really work? Who doesn’t want to take a pill and become smarter and more efficient in this demanding world? When […]

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The story continues: Virginie Viard’s fir...

Virginie Viard, Karl Lagerfeld’s successor, presenting the world her first collection after the death of the master. We all wondered if the house of Chanel will remain at the top of the fashion world, but after revealing the new collection, there is no doubt about it. Described by Lagerfeld as his “secret weapon”, and the […]

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Summer 2019: outfit ideas for every singl...

Whether you are at the beginning of your carrier or you have been doing this for a while, I’m sure you’ve wondered how to get through the hottest days at the office but still look stylish. Today I’m here to tell you that work appropriate outfits don’t have to be boring and that you can […]

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Manuka honey – natural ingredients for na...

Various types of honey are the trendiest ingredients being used not only as food but actively incorporated in skincare, spa and food supplements. Today we are talking about manuka honey and it’s benefits and I couldn’t help but wonder if this type of honey is healthier than regular honey? Let’s find out! First of all, […]

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