About us

„Just over a year ago I became fascinated by the idea of creating a community with and about makeup, that offers highest standard services at the most accessible prices; a community where each step that a client has to take from booking to finishing a class is thoroughly thought through so that their experience is as effortless as it can be.

I present to you my team that made all of this possible, talented people, dedicated to their profession that work hard everyday towards one goal. Our company is entirely centered on the experience of our customers and our goal is to become a vast community that answers to your needs with innovative and long-lasting solutions. We can’t wait to meet you!” – Georgiana Merloi


Co-founder & Makeup Artist


Cofondator & Marketing expert


Manager Assistant


Fashion Stylist




HTML developer


Senior Software developer


Graphic designer


Cristiana R.

Having a pretty difficult skin type, Georgiana was the Makeup Artist that was able to solve my problems and explain to me why certain things happen. Each time I have an event I use her services because I know that my face is in good hands. Besides that, she always gave me advices that helped me improve my makeup skills as well as my skincare routine.

Denisa P.

Georgiana is a wonderful trainer, she loves what she does and thanks to her I can create a bunch of looks. She helped me understand my features and how to emphasize them naturally. The techniques and advices received from her changed the way I see makeup completely. I learned to enjoy each second spend in front of the mirror because makeup is no longer a threat. I recommend her dearly!

Anca V.

I used to face a lot of problems regarding makeup, but the most important for me was to be able to use eyeliner. Georgiana took in consideration not only the techniques available but also my skills and gave me lots of tips&tricks for achiving a perfect line and I could see the improvement immediately. She is a talented artist with vast knowledge in this field. Her attention to detail makes the advices she gives truly priceless.