Jade roller magic – how does it work and how to use one

Jade roller.

This week I thought we should stray a little away from the usual path of skincare ingredients and shed a little light on a tool that has been quite popular lately: The Jade Roller.

Although the jade roller became popular not so long ago, it’s history is deeply rooted in Chinese Culture and even Ancient Egypt and the Mayans.

The jade stone is considered to be healing and purifying, but not due to some magical rituals but rather due to proven science. Here’s how a jade roller can help your skin>

1. Facial massages are generally relaxing and beneficial for your body

2. It promotes lymphatic drainage, which improves the toxin elimination process.

3. It had a lifting and toning effect

4. It can calm irritations, depuff the eye area and improve circulation

By using a jade roller daily, you can start to see improvements quite fast in the way your skin feels and looks – with that said it is also important that you have a skincare routine set in place that works for your needs and preferences. The Jade Roller is not meant to replace your routine, but rather add more value to it.

Jade Roller and Gua Sha

If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a Jade Roller, chances are that you saw that a lot of them come in a pack with a Gua Sha. As you will be able to see bellow, their different shapes require a bit of a different method of use. Because of this, the Jade Roller is a better tool to improve circulation, while a Gua Sha can help get rid of fine lines and tone the skin.

How to use a Jade Roller

The first step is always making sure your skin is squeaky clean, so grab your favorite foaming cleanser and remove all the residue you might have from removing makeup. To facilitate the movement of the roller and to make this experience the more pleasant for you, apply a serum, oil, or moisturizing cream to your entire face – depending on your skin type and preferences.

Once your skin is clean and hydrated, you can start to use your roller. Repeat each pas for about 4-5 times on each side as follows:


step by step jade roller

step by step jade roller


How to use a Gua Sha

I’ve been thinking a lot about the best way to illustrate this to you, but I came to the conclusion that Sandra Lanshin can do a better job at it then me. Here’s an in-depth video on how to properly use a Gua Sha from a Medical Professional who’s been teaching this teqnique all over the world. Enjoy!





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