Rice water beauty benefits

As most of us know, rice has been a staple in the beauty regime of China’s and India’s culture for centuries. Now, a lot of Korean brands are releasing products using the powers of rice water, so we figured we would spell out exactly what it is, what it does, and why it works.

For centuries following, women of China, Korea, India, and Japan have been harnessing the rice water for hair and skin. This water, particularly fermented is very rich in minerals, antioxidants, B and E vitamins which are an excellent source of nourishment for your skin and hair. It’s also a great antioxidant, thanks to the presence of ferulic acid. This magic potion can be used as a facial cleanser or a toner to minimize pores and tighten skin. It also gives a radiant, supple skin if you use it regularly. It can be used by people with sensitive skin and acne pro-skin due to its ability to heal the skin and help control breakouts.

Additionally, this ingredient has remarkable cooling properties being the ultimate soothing solution for sunburns. It immediately cools down your skin and prevents the sunburn from getting worse with time and also, it’s a great PH balancer for the scalp and body.

Furthermore, rice bran can also be used as a gentle exfoliator. Not only does this sweep away dead skin cells, but the rich vitamins and minerals inside help to leave the skin brighter and softer.

Products with rice water

While DIYing this product certainly is cheaper, it would be better to purchase rice products that are specifically formulated for skin and hair to ensure you’re getting maximum benefits.

“Skin food” offers a large product range of masks, cleansing foams, and toners in which you can find this magical ingredient. I like their mask Rice Wash-Off Face Maskthis product brightens your skin and gives it a healthy, dewy glow. Also, I recommend trying a 10 step Korean skincare set that contains all the products that your skin will love.


It’s clear that rice has a place not only on the dinner table but in our beauty stash. The rice water is a product tested by time and highly recommended by Chinese and Korean women. Rice water minimizes pores and tightens skin. It can give you radiant, supple skin and can be used to treat acne. It’s a yes from us!

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