Tips for wearing dark lipstick

Dark lips are back in a big way this season, from Goth black hues to cherry, burgundy, brown and purple that stormed down the runways this fall. While such a dramatic style can be intimidating, it makes your lips look fuller and adds a sexy vibe to any look. Plus, it complements both simple and intense makeup looks and suits both casual and formal outfits. However, there is a downside to dark lipstick: it’s incredibly difficult to apply and to wear it all day long. Despite all of these challenges, from my point of view, is worth the struggle.

  1. Choose the right shade.

Not every shade of dark lipstick looks good on everybody. It is very important to choose the right shade of dark lipstick that suits your natural coloring. Women with lighter skin and lighter eyes look great with dark lipsticks that have pinky undertones. On the other hand, those who have darker skin and darker eyes are better complemented by dark shades with brown undertones.

  1. Let the lips do all the talking

While nothing in makeup is considered to be a mistake, you’ll get a more feminine look wearing dark lips and minimalist eye makeup, play up only one feature at a time. My suggestion: pull your hair back into an easy ponytail, keep cheeks and eyes to a minimum and let your look revolve around a dramatic, dark lipstick.

Matteo Valle
  1. Pay attention to your lip shape.

If your lips are thin you can choose to wear brighter shades of red. Darker shades tend to overemphasize this feature. Use a shade darker lip pencil instead, to give your lips more volume.

  1. Prepare your lips before applying the lipstick.

If your lips are cracked and dried, dark lipstick will accentuate these problems. Scrub your lips and after that apply a moisturizing balm. This should remove the dead and dry skin on your lips, leaving you with a perfectly smooth surface for any dark lipstick.

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  1. Use a brush.

A lip pencil it’s going to give you a great definition and will keep lip color from smudging. Using a brush to apply dark lipstick allows you to have more control over the application process and you’ll be able to apply the lipstick with extreme precision.

  1. Balance your look with a blush.

Dark lipstick has the power to suck the color from your face, so especially if you have a paler complexion, a blush or a bronzer is your friend. Don’t forget to add a little color back into your face. To get a balanced look, choose a blush that would go well with your lipstick.


Gwyneth Paltrow once said, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

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