Travel Beauty Tips

As months are flying by at an absolute supersonic speed, we will soon be dreaming about sunny beaches and bikinis, so why not plan ahead? While your mind will feel relaxed and at ease, your skin might suffer from climate change, not to mention the long flights if you plan to go somewhere far away.

Long flights can take a serious toll on your skin, mostly because as the cabin pressure increases, the humidity levels are getting pretty low so it will rapidly draw out moisture from your skin. Now, should you pack your whole skincare cabinet? Absolutely not! But here are some tips on surviving a long flight and taking care of your skin while on the road:

1. Don’t change your routine
When I travel, I try to stick to my normal routine and I wouldn’t recommend using the hotel’s amenities. While they can be tempting, they are usually so aggressive to the skin. Instead, get some empty travel bottles and fill them with your usual skincare.

2. Take your makeup off on the plane
On a long flight, everyone will go to sleep eventually. Use makeup removing wet tissues to make this step as airplane friendly as it gets and take it all off before you fall asleep. My favorite ones are the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes, which you can purchase from most airports if you forgot to bring some. They are very gentle but powerful enough to remove even waterproof mascara.

3. Apply a mask
If you feel uncomfortable with a sheet mask and you don’t want to give the flight attendant a scare, there are plenty of masks that are non-visible. A good example is Lancome Énergie de Vie Night Mask which looks like a moisturizer. Apply a thick layer to use as a mask or apply a thin one and leave it on as a regular moisturizer. It revitalizes the skin and diminishes signs of fatigue or tiredness.

4. Moisturize
As I mentioned earlier, long flights equal dryness and your skin will not be happy about that. A good moisturizer that will give your skin a good sip of water for a long time is an absolute must. I discovered recently the Belief True Cream and since then it has not left my side. It is clinically proven to retain moisture for up to 26h and it’s packed with amazing ingredients. Plus, it works great with my oily skin.

5. Drink plenty of water
Drink as much water as you can throughout your flight to avoid feeling miserable when you land and try to stay away from alcoholic beverages. Drinking alcohol while flying increases the chances of dehydration and you might feel the effects stronger than on the ground.

6. Mist your face from time to time
It’s really refreshing and it can help with the dryness that surrounds you. The spray will keep you hydrated and fresh the entire flight.
A lot of celebrities are in love with Caudalie Beauty Elixir but a simple rose water mist will do just fine.

7. Keep your hands off your face
To avoid breakouts, please don’t touch your skin randomly. You can pick up unknown bacteria that will lead to different skin problems. If you’re going to apply makeup in the plane, use a hand sanitizer and also apply some on your table and armrests.

8. Wear sunscreen on the plane
Sunscreen is a must all year round and airplane time is no different. The UV rays are penetrating the skin through airplane windows and are much stronger at a high altitude.

9. Eye drops
After reading, watching a movie or taking a nap on a plane, your eyes can feel very dry and tired. Use eye drops with moisture power to keep a fresh look and soothe your eyes.

10. Dry shampoo
In order to help you to cope with greasy hair, use a dry shampoo. I like using a travel size Batiste to clean, deodorize and to add volume to my hair. Tame the bed head with a comb and you are ready to explore when you land.

Be it on the bus, train, plane or car, traveling can affect your skin so I hope that these tips will help you feel good and refreshed after a long trip. If you plan on trying any of the products mentioned, make sure that you incorporate them gradually into your routine before your big escapade. Have fun planning your next vacation and ‘till next time, stay brave & confident! XO

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