What colors make your eyes pop

When you are trying to accentuate the color of your eyes with the help of makeup, your eyeshadow is a vital element. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so bringing out their color will change your entire look. With the multitude of makeup palettes available on the market today like Huda Beauty, Fenty, L’Oreal, it’s important to know which one complements your eye color, style, and outfit.

Brown Eyes
Brown eyes are like a blank canvas. People with brown eyes can wear almost any color. Golden or reddish-brown shades are going to add more depth to your eyes. If you want a sexy and dramatic look, choose an intense blue or green.

Blue eyes
Blue eyes belong to the cool tone family and to make that color pop apply pink, purple, burgundy and earthy tones or even metallic grey to create a seamless look. For day makeup choose the pastel version of these colors.

Green Eyes
Opt for warm oranges, peaches, and reddish browns. Warm earthy tones pair very well with green eyes while bringing forward all the hidden hues.

Dark Brown or Black Eyes
Similar to light brown eyes, black eyes also offer you a fresh canvas. Choose a bold hue like cobalt blue, green, gray, peach, gold or silver, because, the contrast will make your eyes pop. Or choose a green shade, either metallic or matte, to bring out the browns in your iris.

Don’t forget that makeup is an art, don’t be afraid to play with different colors that suit your mood. The colors you choose, and how you wear them, convey a lot about your personality.

That’s it for today. Tell me in the comment section below what are your favorite colors to wear and why. If you need makeup inspiration go and watch our tutorials on youtube. Check out this article about the beauty benefits of rice water.

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